Rozarina Larsen

White Fishing - Work in Progress at the West End Comedy Club, 07/08/2023

by Ben Lewis  

Rozarina is a fearless, sharp and witty comedian who says it as it is. Having grown up in Malaysia, Rozarina has a wealth of life-experiences and was happy to share them with the enthusiastic crowd. From being raised in a traditional Malaysian family, listening and singing Papa Don’t Preach to seeing skin bleaching products, Rozarina shared with the audience her observations of the cultural barriers and challenges that she faced and overcame. The crowd was very lively and one heckler even showed off his knowledge of greetings in Japanese and Thai.

Throughout the show, Rozarina revealed her favourite scenes from 80s and 90s films such as Working Girl and quoted the famous Full Metal Jacket line that actress Papillon Soo says in the iconic Stanley Kurbrick film.

The show was just as much uplifting as it was hilarious, with jokes that played with Asian stereotypes and flipped them on their heads. Other jokes captured how falsely different races can see each other and give the wrong impression. Overall the show was a blast and ended with a morally, social concious song.